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Companies may choose to provide interview skills training when...

They have to retrench employees

Interview skills training can be a service offered by companies to those employees who have been made redundant.  

The interview skills training or workshop includes CV revamping and teaching current job interview skills for the employee(s) that are laid off. It helps them boost their self esteem and accelerates their chances of finding new employment quickly. 

Interview skills training can be provided as:

  • group training
  • individual training (eg. mid-senior managers)
  • group and individual training combined

Offering such services is beneficial for your former employees, and it also helps your company maintain a positive image as an employer brand on your market and with the remaining employees.

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During mergers, acquisitions

Is your organization going through a merger or acquisition? Do you want your employees and senior managers to do well at the interview where they decide who gets to stay in the new joint organization? 

I have just the training for them….

Help them excel at these challenging interviews with interview skills training. 

Available as:

  • group training
  • individual training (e.g. for mid-senior management, as they are usually the most vulnerable during merges and acquisitions)
  • group and individual training combined

Promotional interview

Do you have an amazingly talented individual within your organization who is ready to take on more responsibility in a higher position in-house or at different branch but they find it difficult to interview with HQ? 

Providing individual training to colleagues who are up for promotion helps them be prepared, composed and able to credibly demonstrate their value to the organization during interviews with HQ, global team members or future supervisors. 

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conducting job interviews - skills training

Conducting interviews
-skills for hiring managers

Avoid costly hiring mistakes by equipping your hiring managers with the right skills to prepare for, conduct and evaluate candidates during the interviewing process. 

By improving their questioning skills your hiring managers will have the ability to ask the right questions, spot red flags and uncover possible risks associated with candidates. 

Available as:

  • group training
  • individual training

All interview skills training programs are available in-house (and online).

Are you interested in interviewing skills training for your organization?