Coaching packages

Let`s formulate your unique interview strategy

  • How will you raise the interest of the interviewer?
  • Will you address their pain points?
  • Can you position yourself as the best candidate?
  • How can you prove your skills to the interviewers?

Long term investment

Learning the skill of job interviewing is something that will last you a lifetime.
Some people are naturals at interviewing. Good for them. Others think they are naturals, but responses from recruiters could indicate otherwise.
Like all skills, interviewing can also be mastered by learning the principles and through practice.

You don`t get a second chance

The sad truth is, that you don`t get a second chance at interviews. If you did not do your best, someone else will

Want to work with me?

I will help you walk into your next job interview feeling prepared, confident and focused. 

Based on 15 years of coaching experience I have created 3 coaching packages that vary in intensity and coaching time. 

Feel free to choose any package suited to your requirement. You can upgrade or downgrade anytime, based on your needs. 

All sessions are fully customized as there is no “one size fits all” template that would give you the results you are looking for. 

To prepare and to customize our session I need the following from you:

  • Your up-to-date CV
  • Job description/job specification
  • Name of company or industry (if possible)

Refresh package

Recommended if you are generally a good interviewer, but currently out of practice. 

This session is a full mock interview in preparation for a specific position within an organization.  

I will help you refresh and enhance your existing interviewing skills and address specific, anxiety-provoking questions. 

You will get an unbiased assessment of your interview performance with concrete, actionable and easy to implement improvement suggestions. 

75 minutes (1 session)


Intense package

If you have been unsuccessful at interviews recently and you feel that it is due to poor interview performance, this could be the package for you.

You will learn how to identify and clearly communicate your strengths, skills and to demonstrate your value to an organization. 

We will discuss typical and role/position specific questions, including uncomfortable ones, and you will get the tools on how to answer them. 

Salary negotiations will be addressed as well as smart questions you can ask from the interviewer. 

We will craft a killer intro in answer to the “Tell us about yourself” question

You will receive a preparation check list that you can use anytime.  

This package gives you the benefit of a follow up session where we can practice, fine tune your interview and make adjustments if required. 

This package includes 2 sessions as follows: 

75 minutes (1st session) 

60 minutes (2nd session)

R3750 for full package 

Strategy package

Recommended for managers facing:

  • a promotional interview
  • leadership interviews (senior management or C-level)
  • an extremely competitive interview
  • change in industry or sector (e.g. government to private company)
  • an interview that requires a presentation
  • a panel interview  

The Strategy Job Interview Coaching Package is a ultra-personalized and no-nonsense interview preparation designed to boost your confidence in the most demanding interview situations and to tell your story as its never been told.

Much emphasis will be put on on behavioural/competency interview questions.

We will craft your unique interviewing or presentation strategy that will distinctly affirm that you CAN do the job, you WILL do the job, and that you will get RESULTS FAST

This is especially important if you are aiming for a higher career level, where you have to prove that you have what it takes to fill the role, or when you are venturing into a different industry, a field which you are not necessarily an expert in. 

We will also address how to answer behavioral, situational, and technical interview questions through mock interview practice, and identify and correct mistakes or weak answers. I will help you explain gaps of employment or job changes, negotiate salary and ask great questions from the representative of the organization. 

Finally, we will put all everything together and go through the entire job interview, including the strategy, behavioural or competency based questions and answers, and case studies to make sure the result is strong, impressive and well rounded. 

We correct and fine tune, if necessary so you go to the interview feeling confident, prepared and ready to impress

This package includes 3 sessions as follows: 

90 minutes (1st session)

75 minutes (2nd session)

60 minutes (3rd session)

All sessions need to be utilized within 2 weeks for optimal intensity


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