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Outplacement is a service offered by companies to employees who have been made redundant to help them get back on their feet. 

Outplacement includes CV revamping and job interview preparation for the employees that are laid off. 
Offering such services helps the former colleagues, while your company can maintain a positive image as an employer brand, on your market and with the remaining employees.

Mergers, acquisitions

Is your organization going through a merger or acquisitions? Do you want your employees and senior managers to do well at the interview where they decide who gets to stay in the new joint organization? 

I have just the training for them….

Do you know that middle and senior management is usually most effected during mergers and acquisitions? 


Do you have an event, Career Fair or conference where you feel the audience would be interested in the latest trends in job interviewing? Would they benefit from information on how to ace their interview to reach their next career goal? 

What are your training needs?